Primary Sales Management

Client: Insecticides India Limited (IIL)

A listed Agro-chemical Company with Pan-India Presence Distribution

IIL manufactures all types of insecticides, fungicides, PGRs and it is a leading name in crop protection industry in India. IIL’s Tie ups with Nissan Chemical Industries Limited, Japan and technical collaboration with AMVAC, USA puts them at the forefront of innovative Agro-Chemicals products in India.


  • 1. Manual order collection process
  • 2. Varied rate-list and credit terms for different distributors and zones
  • 3. Distributor has to follow-up with IIL to know status of the order
  • 4. Difficult to track activities of 880+ sales-force spread across India
  • 5. Bloated travel reimbursement claims by the sales staff
  • 6. Delay in processing claims due to cumbersome manual verification
  • 7. Cumbersome target setting process


  • A. National Sales Head
  • B. Zonal Sales Head
  • C. Sales Rep Manager
  • D. Sales Rep (On-Roll)
  • E. Off-Roll Sales Rep
  • F. Distributor
  • G. HQ Finance Team
  • H. Plant Manager

Increase in revenue per rupee spent on sales team

51 %

Dispatch time for orders came down to 2.09 days from 3

30 %

Farmer data collected via mobile app for direct marketing

18 X

Key Modules Developed

  • Mobile App for Sales Reps
  • Location Tracking
  • Self-Serve Order Tracking App
  • Reminders for TAT Compliance
  • Data Analytics
  • Automatic Reimbursements